Victoria BC Bin Rental
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Victoria BC Bin Rental
Duncan: 250-597-2467(Bins) | Victoria: 250-590-6336 or


Answers To All Your Questions About Renting a Bin in Victoria

Q: Do you accept drywall in your bins?
Yes, if it has a date stamp stating it is 1990 or newer. Anything 1989 and older must be inspected and have an asbestos report stating no asbestos is found.

Q: Do I require a deposit in order to rent a bin?
No, but we do require a credit card upon booking.

Q: Do you protect the driveway?
Always! Bin There Dump That has a residential-friendly bin rental process that includes laying down boards to protect your driveway.

Q: What bin type do I need?
Ask our dumpster consultant what size will work best for the material you are disposing of and we’ll customize a dumpster solution for your home improvement project

Q: How much notice do I need to give when ordering my bin?
We ask for 24 hours notice when booking your bin.

Q: What’s the best bin to rent for my spring cleaning or garage clean out project?
It depends on the amount and size of your disposal material. Our bin size dimensions are listed on our website. Typically, most bins rented for cleaning out a garage are the 14 or 20 yard dumpsters

Q: What bin should I rent for a kitchen/basement renovation?
We would recommend the 12 or 14 yard depending on the size of cabinets, countertops...flooring.

Q: How high can I fill the bin? A: Level with the top. We ask that you do not fill the bin above level load because we need to adequately tarp the bin to comply with local regulations.

Q Do you work with Contractors?
Yes, all the time. Since we started delivering bins in 2015, we’ve established many significant relationships with contractors because they love how prompt and professional our service is; we make contractors look great in front of their clients when a clean, lime-green bin is on their driveway instead of a rust bucket

Q: What if I go over the weight allowance?
We prorate to the exact amount over one tonne included in the bin rental price.

Q: What does a bin cost to rent?
This always depends on the material you are disposing of, the length of your rental and the project you are undertaking. We advise that you check out our bin rental pricing page for a reasonable estimate of your bin rental.

Q: Do I need to be present when my bin is delivered? A: Not at all. Our Dumpster Consultants will ask pertinent questions over the phone like where you’d like the bin placed on your driveway, assuring for a successful delivery, even if you’re not hom.

Q: How long can I keep the bin?
7 days is included in bin rental price, after the first week it is $6.00 per day.

Q: What sets you apart from other dumpster services?
There are many reasons we are the best dumpster rental service provider around Victoria, here are some of the things that set us apart that you can expect with us!

Q: What areas do you provide dumpster rental service to?
We currently provide service in the following areas:

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